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Video Cube

 The DSC Series is an ultra-high resolution video wall cube designed for 24/7 operations. The DSC’s intuitive user interface and extensive source compatibility renders them simple to integrate, control and operate.  The DSC Series pairs high performance LED-based projector based on single-chip DLP™ technology with an optically precise screen to assure optimum quality imagery, even in high ambient light environment.

Available in 16:9 (1920 x 1080) aspect ratio. DSC 60” and 65” Series employs LED Light source with high brightness, producing up to 800 ANSI lumens.  The DSC includes Digital 6-Axis Adjustment, Mirror Adjustable System, coupled with a geometrically precise short-throw fixed lens to optimize image geometry on screen.

The LED-based projector system and inherent digital stability positions the DSC series as best-in-class projection solutions for a diverse range of customers and critical applications

  • 24/7 operation
  • Less than 0.5mm screen gap
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • High brightness and superior image sensor
  • No Redundant housing
  • Long Life Span
  • Dust Free Design
  • Digital 6-Axis Adjustment
  • Water Cooling Technology
  • Dual CPU Design
  • Superior Low Noise Design
  • Full compatibility with DS Display Wall Controller

Precise Image Alignment

• Digital 6-Axis Adjustment– provides accurate alignment adjustments
• Replaces mechanical 6-axis for faster setup, maintenance or repair

User Interface

Friendly access to user menus is provided via DSC’s clean and easy to read OSD. The remote control also includes hot-keys for more commonly accesses image adjustments.

Source setup is simple and intuitive – even automatic. Upon first connection of a new source, DS’s Intelligent Signal Recognition Circuit analyzes the signal and displays a correctly sized and formatted image, adjusted to match the projector’s native aspect ratio. Upon re-appearance of a recently displayed signal, an automatic setup values can be “tweaked” by the projectionist or user, in order to customize each source for venue or content specific requirements.

Service & Maintenance

Our elegant approach to simple modular component design for quick and easy serviceability enables streamlined, stress-free maintenance and service access.

Our careful engineering and attention to assure our products provide remarkable imagery and reliability for long-term. Equally important, our legacy in superior customer and technical services assures our experienced support staff is always available to address your needs

Excellent Image Quality

The Laser light source is featured with high brightness, and superior image sensor which has the industry-leading, Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) output resolution, ensure to deliver vivid and crystal image quality.

Built-in Warp

The exclusively developed Warp digital rectangular adjustment function uses electronic adjustment to replace traditional mechanical adjustment, which is able to reduce installation time by 80% to achieve quick installation without any professional staff. If the positioning is off due to earthquake or accidental collision, etc., it can be quickly repaired without having to disassemble the unit.

Longest Life Span

Our cube unit uses a high powered LED light source with a life span as high as 80,000+ hours. LCD screens use polarizing film materials so the screen will gradually age and turn yellow, and there will be an obvious color cast when used for approximately 10,000 hours, causing the colors of each screen to be different.

Screen Size Resolution Series Model Base Unit (Padestal) Height
60″ FHD DSC-60H01L Series DSC-60B01-L 800mm
60″ FHD DSC-60H01L Series DSC-60B01-M 800mm to 1000mm
60″ FHD DSC-60H01L Series DSC-60B01-H 1000mm to 1250mm
65″ FHD DSC-65H01L Series DSC-65B01-L 800mm
65″ FHD DSC-65H01L Series DSC-65B01-M 800mm to 1000mm
65″ FHD DSC-65H01L Series DSC-65B01-H 1000mm to 1250mm
70″ HD DSC-70H01L, DSC-70H02L DSC-70B01-L 800mm
70″ HD DSC-70H01L, DSC-70H02L DSC-70B01-M 800mm to 1000mm
70″ HD DSC-70H01L, DSC-70H02L DSC-70B01-H 1000mm to 1250mm