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Advanced Connection Framework

VADAAR is a group of different software components that make up a connection framework. VADAAR allows you to stream, record, and review, any video, audio, and data source, over any distance, using computer networks rather than traditional AV hardware.

What can VADAAR do for you?

VADAAR gives you the critical information you need, when and where you need it, by allowing you to stream, record, and review, video, audio, and data to anywhere in the world from any device. All within a light and upgradeable software framework that uses your existing computer network, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Stream anything, anywhere.

VADAAR enables you to stream your video, audio and data content, to anywhere in the world. With no limits on how far your signal can be sent, no resolution limits and no requirement for additional hardware, VADAAR can scale to the most advanced requirements.



Sender enables your computer to stream video, audio, and data. Simply install Sender on to the computer you want to stream from and connect it to a Viewer. With very little performance overhead, you can be sure that Sender won’t impact any other running applications.


Viewer, as the name suggests, lets you view your video, audio, and data streams. By using the Central Control interface you can configure Viewer to see an unlimited number of streams as well as customize the way they are displayed on your screen.


DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. DVR provides support to the other VADAAR components running on your network and controls the ability to record, store, and play back streams.

Central Control

Central Control lets you manage and configure all the VADAAR components running on your network. It provides the server backend for the VADAAR API and offers a web interface that can be accessed from any modern browser, anywhere on the network.

An essential tool for training and simulation.

Training and simulation is now more complex and detailed than ever, with more data, more users and an endless expanse of scenarios. VADAAR removes complexity and provides a framework that allows you to record, stream and review all of your content, it gives you the control where it matters most.

Record your streams, capture everything.

VADAAR records seamlessly across all your devices, at any resolution, in sync. With access to recordings from any device and any session VADAAR is an invaluable tool for your after action review. It gives you the ability to see what happened, how it happened and when it happened.

Be in control. See everything.

VADAAR helps you share relevant information with the people who need it most. By combining your video, audio, and data streams into one seamless interface, you get to capture every aspect.

Work smarter.

VADAAR provides a simple, powerful way to control your video, audio and data streams. It enables you become more productive and efficient. So when you are in the simulation environment, you can focus on what really matters.