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Optical NightBlend

Creating a seamless and uniformed blending across day and night scene while maintaining an optimal image quality can be challenging, especially in demanding simulation environment. Image blending during day scene can already be achieved using electronic edge blend feature. But during night scene, the overlap area would appear doubly bright even with electronic edge blending applied, making the overlap area appear not uniformed — this can only be solved using optical edge blending.

NightBlend is an optical edge blending solution for automatically switching on and off for day and night scene making the image seamless and uniform across bright day scene and dark night scene.

  • Uniformed blend quality for both day and night scene
  • Maintain image brightness and sharpness
  • Can function as standalone or integrated with IG software
  • Compatible with most types of lens and throw ratios
  • Customizable mounting frame
  • High performance with minimal footprint
  • Flexible control interface options
  • Flexible orientation
Control Options
  • Device auto discovery through network
  • Activate/deactivate group or individual unit
  • Activate/deactivate one or both sides (left or right blend)
  • Device special identifier such as IP address and MAC address
  • Standalone testing utility (RS-232, TCP and UDP)